I often come across the same questions over and over again and even if I actually know the answer, I still test it again just to be really, really sure. So that we both can save this time now, I collect all these questions here. If you also have some, feel free to contact me and we can add them.


Dynamics 365 Marketing (or Customer Insights) acts a bit differently than for example Dynamics 365 Sales. Every month we get a new update with new functionalities or bug fixes. You can find all information about the monthly releases here: What's new?
That's great! You can submit your idea here: Click here for ideas You can also upvote other ideas and track whether they are Microsoft is working on them.
Microsoft publishes new features twice a year, one in January and one in July. You can find all new features and their dates here: Marketing Release Wave Customer Insights Release Wave Customer Voice Release Wave
Microsoft offers a big learning platform for all tools, you can find them here: Microsoft Learn


When a Journey starts with a trigger, there is a choice of three options to repeat: - Immediately - Never - After x minutes/hours/days/weeks The limit on the latter is 365 days, so no more than 1 year.
Yes, the limit is currently 1000 records. In a running journey, you can see which contacts or leads are part of the journey and its versions via the inflows.
Yes, this is possible. Different than in Outbound you can also change following things:
  • Trigger or segment and related conditions
  • Attributes or if/then conditions
  • Timer
  • Channels
  • Add new actions in the journey
  • Delete existing actions in the journey
  • Frequency cap
  • Exit criteria
There is nothing that I found which cannot be changed in the editing mode.
No, editing a live journey that is a one-time journey with a static audience is not possible.
This is the same setting as for Outbound journeys. You can find them in the Settings > Default Settings in the tab "Customer Journey"

Marketing E-Mails

No, that is not possible at the moment.


To do this, go to the table settings in make.powerapps.com and set the "Track Changes" checkbox to Yes.
No, a contact that is first in a dynamic segment and runs through the journey, then removed from the segment again and then pulled back into the segment, does not run through the same journey again. It is best to use the triggers for this.
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