Part 7: Copilot and campaign management – The Future with Microsoft and Typeface

In the last six articles of MarTech March and AIpril, we learnt all about the standard Copilot functionalities and new extended AI use cases with the AI Builder. It shows how relevant AI is and will be in Marketing. But on the other side with having AI accessible to everyone, the pressure to deploy marketing campaigns even faster also grows. For this new requirement Microsoft partnered with Typeface bringing a new Copilot for full campaign creation in Customer Insights Journeys. Slowly but surely first customers get access to the preview for this new functionality. And I am super excited to test it out myself. But until then I already took a first look into Typeface’s features. What I saw looks quite promising! Let me show you.

The Power Duo: Microsoft and Typeface

Microsoft announced the partnership with Typeface in the beginning of the year. They have partnered to introduce an innovative AI-driven feature integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. By combining Azure Machine Learning and Azure Open AI Service with Typeface’s personalized AI, they create a unified multimodal content hub. This hub provides all aspects of data ingestion, brand voice and asset training, and audience targeting with a deep focus on enterprise governance and safety.

A new Copilot for campaign management in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

The new functionality aims to transform the marketing landscape by streamlining the complex processes involved in end-to-end campaign management. Marketers can initiate their projects by simply stating their campaign objectives in natural language or uploading an existing creative brief. The AI-powered Copilot then takes control, generating a centralized project board that not only recommends but seamlessly integrates all elements essential for the campaign. This encompasses audience data, journey orchestration, and preferred channels. Throughout the campaign development process, marketers can utilize Typeface to effortlessly produce and refine branded content directly within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Get a first glinse

During the campaign creation phase, marketers get access to the Typeface tool. This is enabling them to craft and curate on-brand content directly within the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights environment. I don’t know yet how it will look exactly in Customer Insights, but I tested what Typeface can do. Check out my video to see a first demo:


In conclusion, the future of campaign management with Copilot in Customer Insights is bright, with AI leading the way. The partnership between Microsoft and Typeface is an amazing step to the transformative power of AI. This is promising a future where campaign management is not just efficient, but also enjoyable. It’s about reimagining how marketing journeys, campaigns, and customer insights get transformed into activating extremely compelling stories and content. We will get a Copilot that helps creating engaging emails, rewrite content, adjust the tone. And more interesting, at least from my perspective: get image suggestions, generate new images and edit images that match the message and brand. I am so much looking forward to trying out the new functionalities soon. Let’s hope they turn out to be as valuable as they are promised.

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***Please be aware: The content is accurate at the time of creation. It may be that Microsoft has made changes in the meantime.***

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